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DeSoto Schools Raise $5,858 for Wounded Warriors

DeSoto Parish Schools Family,


The DeSoto Parish School System’s mission statement reads, “DeSoto Serves to care for our students, ensure their learning, and celebrate their graduation as citizens prepared to transform their dreams into realities.”  Across our district, attendance is up, discipline concerns are down, graduation rates and academic performance is at an all-time high. While that is note-worthy, it’s not the purpose of this letter. Instead, my desire is to focus attention onto an important noun-verb relationship in our mission: DeSoto Serves.


Throughout the parish, both students and staff frequently engage in acts of service. Sometimes it’s an organized process; other times it’s organic. Serving may be as global as staff raising funds for disaster relief in a foreign country or as local as lending a fellow student a pencil. During each day, week, month, and school year, initiatives of service fall somewhere before, between, or beyond that continuum. Many of these actions are very public, gaining attention from press, social media, and peers. More often than not, service is random or deliberate acts of kindness for and from each other.


As Superintendent, I enjoy participating in service projects. I decided to combine two of my passions: raising awareness for healthy lifestyle choices and raising awareness of worthy charities. In doing this, I would spend time in front of our students sharing the importance of both and asking for their help.


Last school year, I promised the St. Jude Children’s Hospital that I’d raise one dollar for every child in the DeSoto Parish School System and donate that to their organization. To coincide, I promised DeSoto Parish that I’d run specific miles of a marathon in honor or memory of DeSoto Parish children who battled cancer. The call was answered and we raised $12,022 for St. Jude. Obviously, I was incredibly proud of our school community for raising these funds.


This year, I wanted to recreate the success of last year and bring attention to another charitable organization. I decided to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project. This organization, which is under new leadership, supports veterans who have emotional, physical, social, or financial needs.  In a country that is polarized about so much, we should all agree that our Wounded Warriors deserve our support.  In addition, I would run the Marine Corps Marathon, donating specific miles to disabled veterans from DeSoto Parish.


During the Fall semester, I highlighted the work of Wounded Warrior Project. Also, I took donations from students, staff, and community. Once again, our DeSoto Schools family stepped up to the challenge and we raised $5,858 for Wounded Warrior Project. I then completed another marathon, running specific miles for disabled veterans from DeSoto Parish. These citizen-soldiers demonstrated selflessness over selfishness in service to their country. These are men and women you might know like Tommy Craig (Army-Vietnam), Princess Fuller (Army-Enduring Freedom), Woody Long (Marines-Iraqi & Enduring Freedom), & Rip Wilkerson (Marine-Vietnam).


It was personally satisfying to run in honor of our disabled veterans. Also, it was admirable to supply Wounded Warrior Project with a sizeable donation from the DeSoto Parish School System. I’m very thankful to everyone who contributed to this effort. Beyond that, I’m humbled by the sacrifice of our military veterans.


As we carry on with our day, let’s not forget the service of our past, present, and future members of the United States military. They have been inconvenienced so we may live in convenience. They have been away so we may be home. They have been vigilant in staying awake so that we may peacefully sleep. We’ll never know the extent of their sacrifice and they’re mostly too humble to share all the details.


As your Superintendent, I remain honored to serve. And it’s not just me: DeSoto Serves.


Dr. Cade Brumley

DeSoto Parish Schools



Schools will be closed February 20-24 for Presidents' Day and Winter Break.  Teachers will return February 27 for Professional Development.  Students will return on Tuesday, February 28.




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Schools will be closed February 20-24 for Presidents' Day and Winter Break.  Teachers will return February 27 for Professional Development.  Students will return on Tuesday, February 28.