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District 6

Mr. Coday Johnston

Coday Johnston


Elected to DeSoto Parish School Board:  2011

I enjoy serving on the board because...

I feel that I have an emotional attachment to the children not only in my District but all over the Parish. District 6 has always been home for me. I live in Stanley, where I was born and raised. The employees at Stanley High School were either there when I was a student or I have grown to build a relationship with over their time at the school. 

As I look to the future of the system, I hope we...

I firmly feel like we are the best board that could've been assembled. I know that each board member has the best interest of the students and faculty in mind. As we are in the middle of a financial crisis we will present the best budget plans and move forward with those plans to make this system better than it already is. 

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