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Using Epic!

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Suggestions for Using Epic:

  1. Ollie’s School Day A Yes-and-No Book

By Stephanie Calmenson

  • Help Ollie correctly answer each question
  • Pause after each question and allow the student to respond
  • Ask the student wh- questions based on some of the silly suggestions in the book. For example, on page 11 of this book the author writes, “What will Ollie say when he sees his friends? Will he say, “Good-bye!”  The parent could ask, “What would your teacher think if when you got to school in the morning you said, “good-bye”?
  1. We’re Going on a Dinosaur Dig

By Anastasia Suen

  • This book has several speech sounds that can be targeted by having the student repeat after you,  (big, dig, go, tall, swish, mud, sticky, glop, ouch, dark, teeth)
  • At the end of this book there is an, “After Reading Activities” section that contains who, what, and where questions about the story and vocabulary words that you can discuss with your child
  • While reviewing the vocabulary words turn back to the pictures in the book to add visual cues to aid in language learning
  1.  Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you see?

By: Bill Martin Jr.

  • This book can be used to target many areas of language and articulation learning
  • Color recognition
  • Animal name recognition
  • Sequencing/memory skills by reading the story several times together and then have the student try to remember all the characters in the story OR turn to the back cover of the book and use the colors to provide a hint to recall the animal and the color of the animal