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Calendar and Attendance

Will desoto students have to makeup the days missed due to school closures?

The Louisiana Department of Education is working closely with the Governor's office. We are following guidelines as we receive them. At this time, the required 63,720 instructional minute requirement per year has been suspended. Therefore, we will not be required to make up days missed during our closure. 

Will LEAP Tests be postponed?

The Louisiana Department of Education is providing school districts with updates to LEAP testing.  Currently, the guidance states the Spring 2020 assessment window for grades 3-8 LEAP 2025 will begin no earlier than April 27.  If updates arise, we will update this information

Has the ACT test that was scheduled for March 17 and 18 been canceled?

The test has been postponed.  New dates have not been determined. 

What if I have made previous vacation plans that are non-refundable during Spring Break?

If you have plans that you are unable to change, please email and provide the following information in your email. 

Provide Proof of pre-scheduled reservation
Provide Proof that the vacation destination not closed
Provide Proof the vacation is non-refundable

Will the Elite Scholars' Dinner be canceled?

Yes.  This will be canceled. 

Will spring break be canceled?

Due to the extended time away from school and the need to return to a normal routine as soon as possible, we will be shifting our Spring Break from April 10-17 to April 3-12. 


Please submit any questions you may have in reference to COVID-19 and School Closures to: