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Special Services

How might special education students gain access to instructional materials while school is not in session?

Student Learning has created educational packets that are available at the libraries across the district.   These packets are only for students without internet access.  This same information that can be found in the packet may be accessed in Google classrooms for grades PK-12.  Chromebooks are also provided at those locations for checkout. For more information on logging into the chromebook and operating google classroom please use this link.

For those students accessing the LEAP Connect standards, they may access the Unique Learning System here  If you do not have the access information for your child's Unique account please email your child's teacher at first name.last  He/She will be able to provide the information needed to log into the account. You may also check out Chromebooks at the libraries across the district.  Unique Learning Systems can be accessed with a home computer or and IPAD.  

Thank you for staying engaged academically with your children.  Their education is so very important. Please stay healthy, safe, and pray.

How do we get a student work permit or proof of enrollment?


Email to set up an appointment to get a work permit.  Be sure to ask what documents to bring to  your appointment.


Email to set up an appointment to pick up a proof of enrollment form, or dial 872-2836, ext. 0 and leave your name and number. 

Does the Special Services department have a protocol for handling review IEP meetings?

The LDOE has not received information granting waivers or exceptions to review IEP meetings as of 3/16/2020.  Please read the guidance below from Kristi-Jo Preston, LDOE IDEA Policy director.

“Please know that I understand the urgency and breadth of the challenge, and we are working hard to address these issues. Any special education compliance timelines (like the annual IEP) that are codified by federal law and regulation can only be waived by the federal government. At this point, Ed has not offered any preemptive waivers for the COVID-19 outbreak. LDOE is working closely with our partners in other states and our membership organizations to bring these issues to Ed’s attention. In the meantime, school systems should develop a plan to support maintaining timelines and to document clearly if a delay occurs, the nature and extent of the delay and the plan to move as quickly as possible to prevent any further delay. I’d suggest using teleconferencing and other distance-based options to the extent possible, and documenting the process.”


Will the district move forward with scheduled talented evaluations on March 23rd, 27th, and April 4th?

DeSoto Parish Special Services Department will reschedule the talented evaluations at a later date.  All parents have been notified of the cancellation. Correspondence will be sent to the parents when the evaluations are rescheduled.