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Occupational Therapy Activities for Home

Fine & Gross Motor Activities


Color in a coloring book

Stringing beads

Paint with Q-tips

Sidewalk chalk

Playdoh activities (can be used outside if worried about making a mess in the house)

            Make letters

            Hide beads/coins in the playdoh

            Use cookie cutters and rolling pin


Tweezer/Tong activities

            Pick-up and transfer items such as marshmallows, cotton ball, pom-poms

            Roll a die and see how many items to transfer

            “Race” who can pick up their items the fastest

Paint with water on the sidewalk/driveway

Use a spray bottle filled with water to spray designs on sidewalk/driveway

Play Simon Says

Board games

Play “I Spy”

Hidden Object Pictures

Hide items around the house and go on a scavenger hunt

Set up an obstacle course using pillows, chairs, toys

Draw/write in shaving cream

Life Skills Activities

Sort and fold laundry

Put away groceries

Wipe down counters/table

Sort silverware

Set the table for meals

Measure out snacks such as ½ cup of goldfish crackers and place into Ziploc bags

Go “shopping” in the pantry

Write out/plan a recipe

Take orders for meals

Write letters to family members/nursing home residents

Organize and alphabetize books

Sort tuber ware containers and find matching lids

Plant a garden

Other activities