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Parent Resources

Maintaining communication with your child's school nurse is very important. Should your child's health status change during the school year, please be sure to notify your school nurse. 


*To download copies of the school health forms please click on the desired form* 

Medication Forms

For medication orders prescribed by a licensed provider that a student must receive during the school day.

Physician’s Authorization for Special Healthcare Form

For any procedure orders, i.e., blood glucose monitoring, catheterization, etc., prescribed by a licensed provider that a student must receive during the school day.

School Entrance & General Health Exam Form/LHSAA Medical History Evaluation Form

This form can be used for sports physicals* and/or other health evaluations provided to school nurses and school systems. This form includes detailed instructions for the medical provider, including a list of suggested screens to be done if medically indicated based on history or clinical findings.

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information Form

Required to be signed by parent/legal guardian before health information can be shared between the school system and health care providers, i.e., hospital, physician, service agency, school RN, and/or other health provider.

Authorization to Carry and Self-Administer an Inhaler at School Form

Parental and physician permission required for all students that self-administer asthmatic medication at school.

Immunization Exemption Form

If you wish for your child to be exempt from the immunization requirements, this form must be completed, signed and returned to the school.

Special Diet Request Form

Complete if your child requires a special diet.