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Teach DeSoto

What Makes DeSoto Unique?

TAP/ Teacher Support

DeSoto is committed to the development of “Highly Effective” Teachers.  We believe in teacher support because when a teacher is employed with us we want them to be successful!

DeSoto is a TAP (The System for Teacher and Student Advancement) District.   Our ultimate goal is to raise student achievement; TAP provides the SUPPORT structures with incentives that are designed to maximize the teacher’s effectiveness. Teachers experience ongoing training with in-depth concrete models, which assist the teacher in the areas of refinement and reinforcement. 


Current Remarks from Teachers of the Yearlong Resident Program

Courtney Anderson "I would not be the teacher that I am today if I would not have completed the year-long residency program with Louisiana Tech.  I feel like my master and lead teachers guided me through my first year of teaching, just as my mentor had done during my residency. The year-long residency helped me to feel prepared, and gave me the confidence to dive right into my first year and continue to grow. There is not a day in the classroom that I am not reminded of, or using something that I learned during my time in the residency program." 

Sabra Parker- "I was a part of the Louisiana Believes and prepare student residency pilot program at LA Tech in the 2014-2015 school year. I worked alongside a mentor teacher from the first day of professional development to the last day of school. This amazing opportunity prepared me for education in the real world. I have had a smooth and dream-like first few years of teaching. Teaching has come very naturally to me as I have worked in two states and in 5 different positions during my teaching career. I feel Desoto parish schools have very high expectations for teachers, I believe that without my yearlong residency I would have not been prepared to serve students effectively here. Throughout these transitions I remained highly effective and have been able to contribute on my teams of seasoned teachers. I fully credit my success, even in a parish as rigorous as Desoto parish, to Louisiana Tech! I 10/10 recommend Tech's residency program."

Emily Fulton- "As a former year-long LA Tech resident, I appreciate that the residency allowed me a chance to experience a working classroom all year long. This was especially useful to me since I started after Thanksgiving, which allowed me an easier transition into the classroom."

Contact Information

Deb Gamble, Director of Human Resource

201 Crosby St.

Mansfield, LA 71052



It is our belief a Teacher will never be paid what they are WORTH!  DeSoto currently has one of the highest teacher salaries in the state. 

  • Starting salary for a teacher with zero experience and a Bachelor’s degree:  $48,000 
  • TAP Payout average is approximately:  $2,000 
  • Incentives for working at High Need Schools:  $1,000
  • Incentives for Certified Math Teachers possible:  $10,000                                                                   

DeSoto pays:

  • 80% of the employee’s health insurance premium, which includes vision.
  • 20% of the employee dental
  • $50,000 life insurance premium
DeSoto Resident Information
  • $2,000 to the Resident
  • $1,000 paid to the School Mentor
  • $500 paid to the Resident for Travel per year
  • $50.00 background check fee: DeSoto will cover the cost
  • Resident, when offered a position, will be placed on year two of the salary schedule due to the one year in the classroom
  • District celebration at the end of a successful passage of the residency program. TBA